Vittoria Flour

To bake without limits

Low glycemic index, excellent supply of mineral salts and fibers

Everyone would like to be able to bake pizzas, loaves of bread, but also desserts, with the certainty of using a flour that is able to make its leavened products also digestible and nutritious. It is with this purpose that we have produced Vittoria flour for you.

Thanks to the use of Einkorn wheat, Vittoria flour has a high content of proteins, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. It is also a source of potassium and fiber, a series of properties that make this ingredient ideal for all those sweet and savory recipes that require good leavening.

100% Italian

We have always believed in the potential of local fields. Our flours come from grains grown in Italy, in a traced supply chain.


Thanks to its specific composition, Vittoria flour rises more easily, thus giving the doughs greater digestibility.

Complete product

The work of Isea and its researchers has allowed us to bring to the market a flour that is complete and nutritious from every point of view.

Whole wheat pasta

Latest news from VerdiTerre: the specialties of taste and health, directly from stone-ground monococcus flour.

On a nutritional level, einkorn flour is the best we can use especially when it is processed as it once was. This type of processing leaves the nutritional principles intact and the einkorn flour thus maintains all the nutritional riches contained in the grain of wheat. Choose the format you prefer.

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