Cocca Flour

Cocca knows no limits

Low glycemic index, excellent supply of mineral salts and fibers

When you are in the kitchen you never know what can come out. This is one of the absolute truths in the kitchen. Sometimes you may opt for something more leavened, others not. There are afternoons that you bake pizzas, others that you bring out plumcakes.

Cocca is the flour for creative and unpredictable minds like yours. An ingredient that we have conceived precisely for the most varied uses, but which still takes into account the needs of consumers like you who still care about having a balanced intake, even when you indulge in some gluttony.

From ancient wheats

Produced with the same wheat that about 10.000 years ago fed Otzi, the mummy found in Val Senales.

An ethical choice

Thanks to the einkorn, we have given new life to cultivation even in inaccessible and abandoned mountain terrains.


The specific ability of the monococcus wheat to self-pollinate further minimizes human intervention.

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