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Nothing is born by chance. In nature, every plant, every seed is the result of natural selection and events that lead different cells to bind, to unite, to generate life. This is how this project began, the child of one of the largest Italian companies in the seed market: Agroservice Spa.

After working for over 25 years in contact with fields, seeds and the resulting plantations, we wanted to recover the unique characteristics that started the wheat age, selecting the whole variety of einkorn wheat, using it for the production of a range of genuine, healthy and highly digestible flours.

We have made high digestibility our only mission.
Ever since our company took its first steps, we have always believed in sustainable agriculture, with a low environmental impact, which could answer the most diverse demands.

In recent years, for example, the onset of digestive diseases or diseases related to the malabsorption of some components has widely increased. It is not difficult to find a general decrease in the tolerability of gluten. There are more and more people suffering from disorders related to gluten sensitivity.

In our own small way, therefore, we wanted to answer these two demands by personally cultivating and putting on the market an ancient wheat, which could be more easily digestible and which, above all, is healthier and more ecological.

Thanks to our experience, gained in the field and in the fields, we have selected an ancient variety that is the basis of our flours, chosen daily by consumers looking for healthier and more digestible ingredients.

Our history

A long journey that will never take us far from our fields.

The faces of the project

An experienced team that sees growers and researchers engaged in continuous work.

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