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Hammurabi Flour

Your ally for kneading

Mineral salts, low gluten and low glycaemic index

Proteins, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and fibres. This is the composition of Hammurabi, a balanced flour that ensures a low glycaemic intake, a reduced gluten index and, on  the contrary, an above-average protein percentage.

Designed for your lightly leavened doughs, whether sweet or savoury, Hammurabi is your perfect ally in the kitchen. Thanks to its use you can bake tasty, delicious, highly digestible and above all healthy delicacies.

Eco friendly‚Äč

Hammurabi is produced from low environmental impact cultivated wheat. Doing agriculture while respecting the earth is possible.

Higher protein index

Its peculiar composition also responds to the needs of those who practice sports or want a healthy and balanced nutrition.

Limited presence of gluten

With its low gluten index (less than 15%), Hammurabi meets the needs of those suffering from food intolerances.